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Turning the Tide on Dementia


This is an overview of the draft program, please note that it is subject to change. 


11:00am - 12:30pm Young Onset Dementia (Special Interest Group) (YOD-SIG) 
Title: Current Advancements in Young Onset Dementia Research
The session will showcase current advancements in research, innovation, and service developments in the young onset dementia field, through a series of invited presentations. The session will end with a Q&A panel to discuss research priorities and ways to move the field forward. The session will be of relevance to researchers, clinicians, and service providers, as well as people living with young onset dementia and their care partners


10.30am- 12:00pm Early to Mid-Career Researcher’s Workshop (Special Interest Group) (EMCR’s)

Title: EMCRs in dementia research: key skills for success

This interactive workshop will involve small group discussions led by prominent researchers the dementia field. Discussion topics include: developing a 5-year career plan, crafting your ‘elevator pitch’, grant writing tips and how to build your profile and CV. This session is tailored for early- and mid-career researchers (including PhD students).


12:15pm- 1:30pm DEMON Special Interest Group

Title: DEMON Network special interest session: Data science and AI for dementia

With the increasing availability of large scale, high dimensional data, our ability to make best use of this rich data will depend on utilisation of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. In this session we will hear about the application of AI and machine learning methods as well as stakeholder engagement for the responsible innovation of AI, and have an opportunity for networking.  


2:00pm - 3:30pm Childhood Dementia (Special Interest Group)                          

Title: Childhood Dementia: pathophysiology, biomarkers, treatment strategies and support in the community

This session will shine a light on the little known childhood presentation of dementia which impacts 1400 Australians and their families. You will hear about the burden of disease, research to develop treatments and discover biomarkers and ongoing work to extend dementia support services to children. This will be followed by a panel discussion.



Continuing Education

Young Onset Dementia (SIG) 

Early to Mid-Career Researcher’s Workshop (SIG)





Lunch, Meet the Poster Presenters

Continuing Education

CME Session - 'Safe and Appropriate Use of Anti Amyloid Antibodies'

Childhood Dementia (SIG)



Welcome and Keynote 1

Welcome Reception

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